Leopard 48

Handing Over a Leopard Catamaran


It has been six months since we first had the opportunity to speak with Owen and Miranda about their journey to find the perfect boat. Since that time “Sarabi”, the Leopard 48, has been handed over and sea trialed, and she is just about ready for her first big adventure to the Chesapeake. On the day of the sea trial, the Leopard Marketing Team was fortunate enough to sit down with Miranda and Owen while they shared their excitement and future sailing plans.


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9 Essentials for Cruising in Comfort


One of the most exciting things about purchasing a yacht is getting to outfit your boat with all of the creature comforts that are available to help sailors relax while sailing the seven seas.  Of course, the minimalist approach is something to be respected, and if that is your choice of accommodation, we have all of the admiration in the world.

For the rest of us who dream of passages made in a fully-equipped yacht, continue reading to find some of our recommended essentials for cruising in comfort.

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Lessons Learned: A Couple in Search of the Perfect Boat


​Have you ever wanted to know what the process of buying a yacht looks like? The idea that there is a “right way” to find your perfect boat is a false notion. Every journey is different and every buyer is different. Some of the happiest yacht owners have purchased their yacht sight unseen, while other fully satisfied buyers spend years visiting boat shows and factories, narrowing it down to exactly what they are looking for.

Miranda and Owen, whose approach was the latter, share their story and advice in hopes of helping others in search of the perfect yacht.



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The Burnetts Live Life Aboard a Leopard 48



Have you ever wanted to quit your job, sell your house, purchase a boat and sail around the world? Sure, us too! Which is why we were thrilled at the opportunity to chat with Greg and Mel Burnett. They are the proud owners of “The Amazing Marvin” a fully equipped Leopard 48. Catching up with this family we learned the easy aspects, and the not so easy aspects, of life at sea. 




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15 minutes of fame for 1500 miles to windward


Randy-Lennie-L48It has almost been a year now since we first met the owners of the Leopard 48, Happy Together. Now, with thousands of nautical miles under their belt and over a dozen episodes of their sailing adventures shared on You Tube, the Smiths review the Leopard 48, give advice on the boat buying process, and reveal their future sailing plans.



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Multihulls World Review: Leopard 48


The combination of outstanding design, rugged build, ease of operation, stability, performance and attention to so many of the details that enhance the cruising lifestyle are wrapped up in one package.

That’s what writer John Devers remarked about the award-winning Leopard 48 in his recent piece in Multihulls World Magazine.




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Exclusive Full Range Review Compilation from Multihulls World


Leopard Catamarans ReviewsSea Trials Compiled for Entire Range of Leopard Catamarans

With one of Europe's most prominent multihull shows around the corner in La Grande-Motte (southern France), Multihulls World Magazine has produced an exclusive guide to the entire line of Leopard Catamarans. 





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Leopard 48: Owner Reviews


Leopard 48 Happy Together

Simonis Voogd and Robertson and Caine have hit a sweet spot with the Leopard 48. Multiple owners report that as soon as they saw the 48, their boat search came to a sudden halt. She's big enough for comfort, large accommodations and ample storage, yet easy to manage, even to singlehand. And the forward cockpit proves to be a very popular feature. 



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Multihulls World Transatlantic Story: Leopard 48


New Leopard 43 Power Catamaran

Leopard's European Sales Manager Arnaud Savignat, a seasoned dinghy racer and coastal cruiser, crossed an ocean for the first time this winter aboard a Leopard 48. Arnaud shared some excerpts from his log, translated from French to English, when he returned. But there's more to the story!  




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Leopard 48 DALA finishes first in ARC Europe Rally across the Atlantic



Leopard 48 DALA after crossing the AtlanticAlbert Levy, his first mate, Joelle, and expert crew Richard, arrived in Horta on Sunday after just 11.5 days crossing from Bermuda to the Azores. They finished the 1800 NM passage nearly 24 hours before the next boat.






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A Family Plans for Circumnavigation



Family on their Leopard 48

For Guyon and Ali Moseley, who bought a Leopard 48 and expect to spend two years living aboard and circumnavigating with their three middle school aged boys (pictured here with additional family crew for their Tortola to Bermuda passage), the planning for their extended cruising aboard WIDAGO began about 4 years ago. This week, their adventure more formally began as they left Tortola for Bermuda - Azores - England with the ARC Europe rally. 



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Two Leopard 48s Departing Tortola with ARC Europe Rally



Leopard 48s in ARC Europe Rally

Two Leopard 48s are set to depart Nanny Cay, Tortola mid-day tomorrow with the World Cruising Club's ARC Europe Rally. The next stop for Albert Levy's DALA and Guyon and Ali Moseley's WIDAGO will be Bermuda, 850 NM away. After that, they'll be underway until they reach the Azores. Ultimately, DALA will finish the rally in Portugal, WIDAGO in England.




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Delivery Report - Cape Town to Brazil on a Leopard 48


Leopard 48 Cape Town to SantosLeopard Sales Manager Gets to Know the 48 Better on An Ocean Crossing

Arnaud Savignat, Leopard European Sales Manager, took a month away from the office this winter to get to know his product even better. Arnaud, who is in his 6th year working for Leopard Catamarans in Nice, joined a delivery crew aboard a Leopard 48 (as a Moorings 4800) from Cape Town to Santos, Brazil this winter.




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Must See: New Robertson and Caine Video


Robertson and Caine Video

This new Robertson and Caine corporate video provides an insightful look into the world-famous catamaran builder's history, facilities, production line, and team. 





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First Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean on a Leopard 48


Leopard 48 Mediterranean route​One way to get to know your new boat: sail it home. Professional captains often handle the trans-ocean delivery of a new vessel from the factory in Cape Town. But taking the opportunity to sail coastal waters for the final leg of the trip can be a wonderful first experience for a new boat owner. 

One of our Leopard 48 owners did just that and enjoyed a great Mediterranean cruise from France to Israel last summer. 



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Leopard 48 Review - Multihulls World


Leopard 48 Review by Multihull MagazineThis report is a must-read!

Join Philippe Echelle as he explores every aspect of the Leopard 48.

Click the link below to access the report.





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Leopard 48 Sea Trial with Bateaux


Leopard 48 Review by BateauxRead all about the Leopard 48 with Bateaux!

French speakers, take a look at this great review from Bateaux.  They take a thorough look at the Leopard 48!

Click the link below to download the report.


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Introducing Leopard Catamarans in Russia


Octopus Sailing Russia​We're proud to introduce a new dealer!

Octopus Sailing Ltd. has just signed as our Leopard Catamarans dealer in Russia! 


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Leopard 48 Feature - Australian Multihull World


Leopard 48 on the coverLeopard 48 on the Cover!

Australian Multihull World Magazine featured the Leopard 48 in July/August's issue #121.

She even made the cover!

Click the link below to download the report.




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SAIL's Review of the Leopard 48


Leopard 48 HelmSAIL takes a good look at the Leopard 48!

SAIL Magazine's executive editor, Adam Cort, praises the 48's comfort, performance and design with this in-depth review of the award-winning yacht.  Click the link below to read the full article.




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Leopard 48 Review in Cruising World Magazine



Leopard 48 HelmLet Cruising World take you through the Leopard 48's features!

In their June issue, Cruising World takes a thorough look at every aspect of the Leopard 48.  Click the link below to read the full article.





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Boat of the Year Presentation - Leopard 48



Leopard 48's Boat of the Year AwardLEOPARD 48 - BOAT OF THE YEAR

Cruising World editor Mark Pillsbury presents the Leopard team with the magazine's coveted Boat of the Year award. The Leopard 48 won the award for 2013 in the Best Full-Size Multihull category.

Click this link to read the full article.

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Leopard 48 - Boat Of The Year




The Leopard 48 wins Cruising World Magazines sought after title of Boat of the Year 2013 in the Best Full-Size Multihull category! This award recognizes the top new sailboats making their debut in the North American market. This year, 24 sailboats in 7 different categories were nominated to receive this prestigious honor. This marks the 5th Boat of the Year award for Leopard Catamarans.

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NEW Virtuals Tours available



Virtual Tour - Leopard 58The Leopard team is very happy to introduce the NEW Leopard 48 and Leopard 58 Virtual Tours!

Have a look at our brand new and very exciting catamarans! The virtual tours will allow you to visit these catamarans as if you were on board.



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Leopard 48 Press Release



Leopard Catamarans' Leopard 48NEW Leopard 48

CLEARWATER, FL – Following on the heels of the Leopard 58, Leopard announces another exciting addition to the award winning line of Leopard Catamarans, with the all new Leopard 48! The Leopard 48 (Moorings 4800), built by the award winning builders at Robertson and Caine, follows in the footsteps of the most popular Leopard model to-date, the Leopard 46. What sets the 48 apart is its spacious interior, the large forward cockpit with direct access to the saloon, and an increased amount of outdoor living space. This stunning catamaran recently made its debut at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, and was nominated for both SAIL Magazines Best Boats 2013 award, and Cruising World’s 2013 Boat of the Year award.

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Leopard on Facebook



Three Leopard Catamarans sail togetherConnect with the Leopard team

If you are not part of the online Leopard family yet, join us on Facebook... You'll enjoy extra photos, videos, and news beyond what we publish on this website. Plus, our Facebook page is a great place for Leopard owners to share their photos and videos, and tell their stories.


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