Leopard Catamarans

The Leopard Catamarans Identity

Spacious and robust cruising catamarans with superior performance

Evolving from 50 years of customer feedback, Leopard Catamarans has pooled their expertise with builders Robertson and Caine and Naval Architects Simonis Voogd to design today's Leopard range: spacious, robust, performance-driven blue water cruising catamarans. Leopard catamarans are the only catamaran brand certified both in Europe and the Americas (NMMA Certified – ABYC Standards & CE Certified – CE Standards). As the worldwide distributor, we’re proud to say that over 2,500+ Leopard cats have now been delivered all over the globe.
NMMA CertifiedCE Certified

DNA of the Leopard sail range

  • Best combination of interior volume and performance
  • Stepped hulls and powerful rig with overlapping Genoa for superior performance in all wind conditions
  • Protected helm station designed for offshore single-handed sailing
  • Forward door and forward cockpit above 42’
  • Lounge for additional social area
  • Robust
  • Comfortable at sea and at the anchor
  • Ease of maintenance

DNA of the Leopard power range

  • Efficient design for best combination of interior volume, top speed and consumption
  • Robust and built for blue water
  • Spacious and comfortable fly bridge
  • Forward door for superior ventilation, visibility forward and access to foredeck
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Modern design inside and out
  • Easy to maneuver for single handed operation
  • World leader in power catamarans

Sailing Catamarans Key Features


  • Narrow hulls, Large spacing between them.
  • Stepped hulls, inboard and outboard
  • Interior volume above the water line
  • Sharp bows for lower resistance, less pitching motion.
  • Wide aft sections for load carrying
  • Wide Transoms and great access to water
  • Fixed keels with solid glass base and sacrificial lower section
  • Rudder behind the prop for better maneuverability
  • Infused glass/PVC core construction

Bridge deck

  • Superior bridge deck clearance
  • No step down or obstruction
  • Infused glass/PVC core construction


  • Mast mounted on post and High Tensile steel alloy frame
  • Large powerful main with square top to improve performance.
  • Traditional overlapping genoa for easier trim and better performance in light and medium air
  • Double shrouds
  • Optional Code 0 and Code D as option


  • Large convivial cockpit
  • Direct access into main saloon
  • Direct access onto transversal passage way to both transoms
  • Space for dive tanks, additional tankage, BBQ

Helm Station

  • Designed for single handed sailing
  • Dedicated and separate from circulation
  • Protected behind main saloon bulkhead.
  • All controls led back
  • Direct access to side deck
  • Direct access and visibility into the aft cockpit
  • Protected by standard hard top
  • Full visibility into the upper lounge
  • Visibility of both sterns and bows
  • Visibility of main sail through skylight
  • Optional enclosure for full protection

Main Saloon

  • Opens or closes to aft cockpit depending on weather
  • Superior visibility all around
  • Galley forward and forward facing nav station
  • Forward water tight door for direct access to forward cockpit (45/50) and foredeck, superior ventilation and visibility forward
  • Very large one level space from stern to foredeck
  • Ample storage under floor and settee


  • Spacious galley facing forward
  • Accommodates more than one person
  • Large Corian counter spaces
  • Great storage in cabinets and floor


  • Access from side decks or main saloon (at anchor)
  • Forward cockpit (45/50) for additional social area, privacy in marinas and at anchor
  • High capacity drainage in forward cockpit
  • Superior quality trampoline
  • Efficient and concealed anchoring system
  • No chain/rust/dirt on foredeck – No damage of gel coat
  • Large lockers for storage


  • Island berths (access from both sides)
  • Standard Foam mattresses
  • Functional and comfortable
  • Ample storage in cabinets, under the beds, in the floor


  • On top of the roof
  • Direct access from the deck 
  • No interference with helm station
  • Equipped with permanent cushions and table
  • Easy communication with helm station


Stepped hulls: The steps inboard and outboard of the hulls allow the beam of the hulls on the waterline to remain narrow, while maximizing the interior volume above the water line to give the best combination of interior volume and boat speed.

Sail: Powerful sail plan: Large main, large overlapping genoa, sail plan with an optimized aspect ratio (more efficient, easier to trim, better air flow in “slot between main and headsail”) allowing good sailing speeds  lighter air and minimize the use of the motors. Optional square top main (with hook), bowsprit with Code 0 and Code D, folding props, upgraded sails and upgraded running rigging are also available.

Power: Efficient hulls with fine entry bows. Efficient drivetrain with optimize propeller and propeller angle in tunnel. Max speed 24knts+. Cruising speed 18knts with less horsepower, lower consumption and longer range than any other power catamaran.

Reliable and simple systems that perform in all conditions, from the comfort of a marina to at anchor or in the middle of the ocean.

Innovation and main features

  • First sailing catamaran to remove main sheet from the cockpit (1996)
  • First catamaran with stepped hulls to increase interior volume without increasing hull beam and without affecting performance.
  • Anchoring system mid-way on forward deck and concealed (no rust, no fouling of chain on hulls, no mud on foredeck)
  • First sailing catamaran hardtop protecting aft cockpit
  • First flybridge catamaran for crewed yacht charter (62 in 2003) that can accommodate 10+ persons
  • Innovative deck plan with all lines leading back to helm station
  • Forward door with direct access from main saloon to foredeck, for better circulation, superior ventilation and improve visibility forward (Leopard 44 – 2010 – Leopard 48 – 2012 – Leopard 40 -2014)
  • Forward cockpit for additional social area, privacy in marinas and at anchor, great ventilation and great sunrises! (Leopard 44 – 2010)
  • Signature electrical davit system that simplifies dinghy and outboard motor lifting (1996)
  • Patented swim and dinghy platforms with no hydraulics (inboard electrical motors) that lower down and out, allowing full clearance of transoms and easy loading of dinghy onto platform
  • Compact helm station designed for single handed sailing.
  • Helm station well protected behind main saloon bulkhead, covered with standard hard top, with full communication with cockpit and easy access to side decks.
  • Lounge on roof for additional social area, great comfort and visibility while keeping full communication with helm station. Ability to safely stay in lounge even under sail (Leopard 50).
  • Efficient electrical systems, requiring less generator power
  • A wide range of live-aboard options
  • Utility room option for larger models
  • Lithium battery package available

Safe & Seaworthy Catamarans

  • NMMA Certified – ABYC Standards
  • CE Certified – CE Standards
  • Over 2,100 catamarans delivered to all continents
  • Only brand with over 8 million Nautical miles of ocean crossings.
  • Robust construction
  • Well balanced motion even in heavy weather
  • Safe and robust rig equipped with double shrouds
  • Rigid boom vang to prevent damage and injury
  • Grabrails throughout
  • Well protected and secure helm stations
  • Helm station designed for shorthanded sailing
  • All controls going back to helm station/quick access to side decks and foredeck
  • Watertight forward door and high capacity drainage in forward cockpit

Well adapted to sunny destinations

  • No maintenance hard tops covering entire area, aft cockpit, helm station and forward cockpit
  • Superior ventilation enhanced by forward door
  • Hardtop fully covering fly bridges of 58 and Power catamarans

Best Value, Service and Financial Security from one Company

  • One unique distributor worldwide. Leopard Catamarans is the exclusive and sole distributor of Robertson and Caine catamarans
  • No complicated and expensive dealer network. No risky transactions with small local dealers
  • Leopard Catamarans is part of Travelopia Marine (The Moorings, Sunsail, Leopard Catamarans) and Travelopia Group, owned by KKR, one of the largest private equity firm in the world.
  • Leopard Catamarans can support Owners all over the world, with offices in 5 continents and bases in all 6 oceans
  • Own staff fully employed by the Company. Fully integrated process from ordering the boat, delivery, hand-over, closing, warranty, and own in-house brokerage and ability to trade, by one company, one partner

Convivial for Friends & Family

  • Large aft cockpit with ability to sit entire crew around one table
  • Large main saloon with easy access to and from the galley and the forward access door
  • Sliding door and windows in open position allow full communication between main saloon and aft cockpit; in closed position (underway or in cold/hot weather), allow inside dining in full protection
  • U-shaped galleys facing forward allowing more than one person to stand in galley
  • Easy movement aft of the aft cockpit across the beam, and easy access to transoms, engine rooms and water
  • Helm station is part of the cockpit, allowing the helmsman to fully communicate with the aft cockpit and visually check entire aft cockpit and interior of the boat (friends, family, young children)
  • Location of the helmstation on the Leopard 50 also allows full communication with the upper lounge
  • Flybridge on Leopard 58 and powercats can accommodate the entire party (sit 8+ people) with full helm station, table, sink/refrigeration/BBQ module and standard hard top

Robust, Easy to use & Easy to maintain

With 25 years of experience in real conditions in The Moorings and Sunsail charter fleets, we've developed robust systems with parts that are easy to access and replace, for easy maintenance and quick turnaround:
  • Standardized systems across models.
  • Motors, transmissions, mufflers, water intake, fuel supply, filters
  • Generator including exhaust, fuel supply, started and electrical system
  • Air conditioning including compressors, ducting, controls and grids
  • Refrigeration systems, including compressors and heat exchangers
  • All plumbing including valves, water tanks, waste tanks, pumps
  • Thru-hulls and bilge pumps
  • Hydraulic and steering systems
  • All deck hardware including electrical winches and windlass motors
  • Optional equipment like water markers, ice makers, BBQ
  • Easy to clean interior and exterior
  • Robust interior and exterior cushions, permanent exterior cushions do not need to be stowed (50, PCs)
  • High quality robust hardware
  • Easy to use galley with large refrigeration space
  • Ample water capacity and fuel capacity
  • Additional and independent battery power
  • Reliable and easy to use davit system
  • Easy access to aft platform from dinghy
  • Robust and easy to use rigs
  • Heavy sails and oversized winches

Loyalty - Experienced Choice

  • High repeat business
  • High NPS
  • The choice of experienced owners that owned several large boats before