Leopard 44 Forward CockpitAdditions Made to the Award Winning Leopard 44

CLEARWATER, FL--With Leopard 44s sailing in all corners of the world and tens of thousands of ocean passages completed, it is clear that the Leopard 44, with its innovative forward cockpit, has lived up to the praise and awards it has received. Still, when the designers saw an opportunity to improve the feature, they did not hesitate. The revolutionary Leopard 44 forward cockpit has been modified for improved comfort.

Since 2010, over 100 Leopard 44s have been delivered around the world on their own bottoms. An intriguing part of this yacht, unseen on other production catamarans of this size, is the unique ability to walk from stern to bow directly though the saloon, made possible by the creation of the forward cockpit. This innovation, combined with the yacht’s sailing performance and ease of handling, earned this yacht multiple awards. The forward cockpit allows for increased visibility, exceptional ventilation and additional outdoor living space. The feature has been utilized with success on each subsequent Leopard model produced, and also improved. The modifications made on later models proved worthwhile to replicate on the Leopard 44.

Molded stairs leading from the forward cockpit were added to the Leopard 44 to make the transition from the cockpit to the bow easier and safer. Also included in the modifications was a sliding hatch above the stairs, eliminating any need to duck when walking out to the trampoline. The hatch also lets more light into the cockpit. Finally, the forward cockpit now features folding tables, allowing more flexibility for either comfortable seating when dining or increased space for passage through to the trampoline when needed.

The Leopard 44, already praised by the sailing industry’s most respected experts, certified for offshore passage making by the world’s most respected rating agencies, and tested by dozens of owners and charter guests around the world, comes to market in 2014 refined for perfection.

Robertson and Caine design and build the Leopard line of blue water cruising catamarans. As the world wide dealer, Leopard Catamarans is proud to say that over 1,000 Leopard cats have now sailed more than 9 million miles and the world's largest oceans.

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