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  • The Leopard 43PC is powerful, well-balanced catamaran. She represents the future of power boating. But do you know the advantages to owning the Leopard 43PC versus other powercats on the market that are of comparable size? The truth is, they don’t compare. We have put together a list of the TOP 10 advantages of owning a Leopard 43PC—discover them below!





  • The Leopard 43PC strikes again with a rave review! It is no coincidence that this yacht has impressed writers in every review. If you are interested in a Leopard Powercat, you need to read this article.

    Jack Haines, the writer, provides a solid understanding of the Leopard 43PC’s predecessor, the Leopard 39PC, and uses his knowledge to lay a good foundation for the evolution of Leopard Powercats. In this article you will discover that when it comes to space, this is the yacht has it all. 





  • Leopard 45

    Performance and perfection sum up what people are saying about the new Leopard 45.

    You don't want to miss this feature article written by Yachting and Sailing Magazine, Skipper On Deck!






  • The Leopard 43PC was taken on a sea trial in the Mediterranean with Multihulls World. Multihull Specialist, Philippe Echelle, was impressed with her carefully designed hull, as well as her modern and efficient powerful motors. He stated that, "With a reasonable length and genuine sea-keeping qualities, the Leopard 43PC is at a point where it can benefit from the direction the market is taking."

    In this review you will discover why the Leopard 43PC is a cat full of energy.

    Read the entire review, including a word from Leopard 43PC designer Alex Simonis.






    Best Boat 2012 Leopard 44

    Leopard Catamarans has their sights set on adding another mark to the total count of award-winning catamarans. 

    Leopard Catamarans is excited to announce that the Leopard 43PC has received a nomination for the 2017 European Powerboat of the Year Award.





  • This article is a must read! Randy-Lennie-L48

    Have you ever wanted to quit your job, sell your house, purchase a boat and sail around the world? Sure, us too! Which is why we were thrilled at the opportunity to chat with Greg and Mel Burnett. They are the proud owners of “The Amazing Marvin” a fully equipped Leopard 48. Catching up with this family we learned the easy aspects, and the not so easy aspects, of life at sea. We delight in the simplistic approach that Mel Burnett provides on forfeiting a “normal” day to day life to pursue a life of liberation and freedom





    Leopard 40 owners share their stories 

    Years of design and development have brought us to the newest sailing catamaran to grace the Leopard fleet. Every detail of the Leopard 40 has been carefully constructed and the owners are proudly reaping the benefits. This cat has proven to be the complete package and has afforded buyers the leisure of not having to choose between performance, comfort and value. We had the opportunity to catch up with a couple of those buyers who have affirmed what everyone else is saying: Life is better with a Leopard. 

    Read the reviews below to discover why the Leopard 40 is the perfect blend of size, comfort and value.   


  • We catch up with Leopard 48 owners Randy and Lennie SmithRandy-Lennie-L48

    It has almost been a year now since we first met the owners of the Leopard 48, Happy Together. Now, with thousands of nautical miles under their belt and over a dozen episodes of their sailing adventures shared on You Tube, the Smiths review the Leopard 48, give advice on the boat buying process, and reveal their future sailing plans.




  • “The combination of outstanding design, rugged build, ease of operation, stability, performance and attention to so many of the details that enhance the cruising lifestyle are wrapped up in one package.”

    That’s what writer John Devers remarked about the award-winning Leopard 48 in his recent piece in Multihulls World Magazine.

    Read his entire review including features from Leopard 48 designer Alex Simonis as well as a first-hand story from recent Leopard 48 owners.




  • Discover why the Leopard 51PC continues to impress

    The luxury lifestyle portal known as Luxuo shares a review of the 51PC that is both invigorating and informative. In the article, the staff writer reveals to readers the characteristics that have made this yacht a success. These include details of her design and build, her seaworthiness and her spacious, well-planned layout. As the author states, "These are not just for pottering around in coastal waters. These are boats."

    In this review you will quickly learn why the 51PC is leading that pack in style, efficiency and innovation.   


  • Leopard Catamarans ReviewsSea Trials Compiled for Entire Range of Leopard Catamarans

    With one of Europe's most prominent multihull shows around the corner in La Grande-Motte (southern France), Multihulls World Magazine has produced an exclusive guide to the entire line of Leopard Catamarans. The Leopard 40, Leopard 44 and Leopard 48 sail cats and the Leopard 43 PC and Leopard 51 PC power catamarans will be on display at the show, which starts April 13th. The magazine covers each of these models, plus the flagship Leopard 58 which can be viewed at other select locations around the world by appointment. 




  • Leopard 40 ReviewLeopard 40 raises the bar for cruising catamarans

    What was supposed to be a relaxing day sailing in Moreton Bay, off the coast of Queensland, turned out to be the sea trial of a lifetime.  The Australian Multihull World writer, John Devers, shares with us the sailing capability that will launch the Leopard 40 far beyond its competitors. He also explains why buyers will not have to choose between comfort, convenience, performance and value. 



  • Leopard 40 ReviewLeopard 40 Tested in Miami

    Zuzana Prochazka jumped aboard the Leopard 40 during sea trials at the Miami Boat Show earlier this year. In her article, published this month on, she provides a thorough report on the boat, considering both performance and comfort, and concludes: "The compact Leopard 40 packs in almost all the amenities of a cat 10ft longer, but keeps the space at the dock and the demands on the wallet fairly reasonable."



  • Leopard 40 ReviewFull report from sea trial in Nice

    As the summer season began in Nice, France, Kevin Green took an opportunity to jump aboard the Leopard 40 for a daysail. The Australian Multihull World writer put together a thorough review of this new model. In the report, he highlights her speed and quality of construction, in particular, but also praises just about every aspect of the cat.   




  • Leopard 51 PC ReviewPhilippe Echelle Reviews the Leopard 51 PC

    Mulithulls World magazine sent Philippe Echelle to the BVI to test the Leopard 51 PC (as a Moorings 514 PC) last spring. His report, released this year, covers much more than the comforts a charter guest would experience aboard this model. He discusses the hull design at great length and evaluates performance at various speeds and sea states, and much more.






    Leopard 58 ReviewMultihulls World Reviews the Leopard 58

    Phillippe Echelle came to Florida to test the Leopard 58.

    His 6-page review covers every aspect of the flagship catamaran, from design to performance to interior features and more. 






    Leopard 48 Review by Multihull MagazineThis report is a must-read!

    Join Philippe Echelle as he explores every aspect of the Leopard 48.

    Click the link below to access the report.






    Leopard 48 Review by BateauxRead all about the Leopard 48 with Bateaux!

    French speakers, take a look at this great review from Bateaux.  They take a thorough look at the Leopard 48!

    Click the link below to download the report.



    Leopard 39 ReviewAs Seen in Chesapeake Bay!

    Chesapeake Bay Magazine tests the Leopard 39 on the Bay.

    Click the link below to download the report.



    Leopard 48 on the coverLeopard 48 on the Cover!

    Australian Multihull World Magazine featured the Leopard 48 in July/August's issue #121.

    She even made the cover!

    Click the link below to download the report.





    Leopard 39 UnderwayHere's one from the archives!

    Multihulls World Magazine gave the Leopard 39 a good test when the model was first introduced.

    Click the link below to download the report.



    Leopard 48 HelmSAIL takes a good look at the Leopard 48!

    SAIL Magazine's executive editor, Adam Cort, praises the 48's comfort, performance and design with this in-depth review of the award-winning yacht. Click the link below to read the full article.



    Leopard 48 HelmLet Cruising World take you through the Leopard 48's features!

    In their June issue, Cruising World takes a thorough look at every aspect of the Leopard 48.  Click the link below to read the full article.






    Leopard 44Take a good look at the Leopard 44 with YachtStyle!

    YachtStyle Issue 21 features a thorough report on the Leopard 44. The reviewer praises the mid-range cat's "gold-standard balance of style with comfort, speed with sea-worthiness, and retained value for money." Click below to read the article.



    Best Boat 2012 Leopard 44

    Leopard 44 - Awarded "Import Boat of the Year and Best Cruising Multihull 2012" by Cruising World

    Here is great article about the Leopard 44 on Cruising World, award-winning catamaran of the year 2012! Follow the link below and read more about this amazing catamaran...



    Best Boat 2012 Leopard 44

    Leopard 44 - Awarded "Boat of the Year 2012" by SAIL

    Here is great article about the Leopard 44, award-winning catamaran of the year 2012! Follow the link below and read more about this amazing catamaran...



    Leopard 39 PowercatDon't miss out on this amazing article about the Leopard 39 PC in PassageMaker Magazine this month!

    "Leopard Catamaran and The Moorings make a strong case that the NEW 39 Power Catamaran offers the liveaboard comforts and efficiency of much larger cruising boats"

    Find the link to the full article below. You won't be disappointed!



    Leopard 44 Cruising CatamaranDon't miss out on this great article about the Leopard 44 in Multihull World Magazine!

    Their team came to Nice and tried the Leopard 44 in the worst possible weather. This was a great experience for them, for us and for the 44!


Press Releases


    New Leopard 45

    Leopard 45 awarded Boat of the Year by Cruising World Magazine

    CLEARWATER, FL – The Leopard 45 was making big waves in the catamaran industry even before she was formally launched.  But once she made her debut appearance at the United States Sail Boat Show in October, it was evident that she was well worth the wait.

    Read the full story.


    New Leopard 45

    NEW Leopard 45

    CLEARWATER, FL – Leopard Catamarans is proud to announce the arrival of the new Leopard 45. She will make her world debut at the Annapolis Boat Show, in October 2016.



  • Leopard 40 Review

    Nice, France - Leopard Catamarans (TUI Marine Group) has a long list of very successful and popular power catamarans, which now includes the anticipated and exceptional Leopard 43 PC. The new Leopard 43 PC will make her European debut in La Grande-Motte (Southern France) during the 2016 International Multihull Boat Show. The event will take place from April 13th to 17th. 



  • Leopard 43 PowercatHull #1 is available now

    Leopard Catamarans has eagerly anticipated the launch of the new Leopard 43 Powercat which will make her U.S. boat show debut at the Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show in February 2016.




  • New Leopard 43 Power CatamaranNew 43 Ft Power Catamaran incorporates popular features from Leopard 51 PC

    Clearwater, FL - April, 2015. Leopard Catamarans now has a long list of very successful and popular power catamarans, which will soon include the anticipated and exceptional Leopard 43 Powercat, to be launched in Cape Town, South Africa in August, 2015. Built by Robertson & Caine and exterior design by Simonis Voogd Design, the soon-to-be newest member of the power fleet replaces the Leopard 39 Powercat. The Leopard 43 PC is a completely redesigned mid-sized catamaran built with the quality foundation that has come to be expected of Leopard Catamarans. There were no details left unattended in the creation of this new power yacht, including the hull design, speed, standard specifications, updated interior, and much more.

  • Partnership Renewed for 10 Years

    CLEARWATER, FL (February 2015) – Having successfully collaborated for almost 20 years, TUI Marine and South African builder Robertson & Caine have committed to a 10-year renewal of their exclusive distribution and supply agreement. This strategic partnership has resulted in exceptional growth of the award-winning Leopard Catamarans brand.




    New Leopard 40​NEW Leopard 40

    CLEARWATER, FL (October 2014) – Leopard Catamarans excitedly announces the new Leopard 40 which will make her U.S. debut in mid-February 2015 at the Miami Boat Show.






    Leopard Catamarans South America​New offices in Peru and Brazil bring agents closer for South American Customers 

    CLEARWATER, FL – Leopard Catamarans is excited to announce two new offices to offer local service to South American customers.





    Introducing Leopard Catamarans in BrazilLeopard Catamarans and SetSail Featured in Náutica!

    Brazilian boating magazine Náutica discuses Leopard Catamarans' formal introduction to the Brazilian market with exclusive dealer SetSail and a trip to the Rio Boat Show.






  • Build my Leopard toolNew Customization and Pricing Tool for Future Owners​

    Leopard Catamarans introduces an all new element to their website, with the Build my Leopard tool. This new feature allows users to “build” his or her dream boat by selecting a boat model, interior layout, voltage and additional available options and extras. After all preferences are entered, the user is then provided with an ex-factory pricing estimate and a summary of their chosen option list. The customer's accessibility to this much in-depth knowledge about Leopard Catamarans has not been seen anywhere before this. 



    Yacht Ownership Website​ puts all yacht ownership solutions in one place 

    CLEARWATER, FL – The parent company behind Leopard Catamarans and world famous yacht charter brands The Moorings and Sunsail introduced a new way to look at yacht ownership options with the launch of Visitors to this site can compare Private Yacht Ownership, Used Yacht Ownership and Charter Yacht Ownership to understand the best solution to meet their needs. 


    Leopard 44 Forward CockpitAdditions Made to the Award Winning Leopard 44

    CLEARWATER, FL--With Leopard 44s sailing in all corners of the world and tens of thousands of ocean passages completed, it is clear that the Leopard 44, with its innovative forward cockpit, has lived up to the praise and awards it has received. Still, when the designers saw an opportunity to improve the feature, they did not hesitate. The revolutionary Leopard 44 forward cockpit has been modified for improved comfort.


    ​NEW Leopard 51 PC

    CLEARWATER, FL – Leopard Catamarans recently launched their all new, spacious, Leopard 51 Powercat (PC), built by Robertson and Caine and designed by Simonis Voogd Design. The newest member of the power fleet brings with it a multitude of exciting features: a new sleek and stable design, a large forward cockpit, additional lounging areas, an expansive flybridge and a completely redesigned interior upgraded with modern appliances. She also offers more stability than traditional power monohulls, as well as providing additional space and a greater value.

  • Octopus Sailing Russia​We're proud to introduce a new dealer!

    Octopus Sailing Ltd. has just signed as our Leopard Catamarans dealer in Russia! 



    Leopard 48's Boat of the Year AwardLEOPARD 48 - BOAT OF THE YEAR

    Cruising World editor Mark Pillsbury presents the Leopard team with the magazine's coveted Boat of the Year award. The Leopard 48 won the award for 2013 in the Best Full-Size Multihull category.

    Click this link to read the full article.


    Leopard 58 Receives Consumer Choice AwardLEOPARD 58 WINS THE 2013 CONSUMER CHOICE AWARD AT STRICTLY SAIL MIAMI

    MIAMI, FL—(Feb 18, 2013) The Leopard 58 wins the 2013 Consumer Choice Award Best Boat Over 30’ at the Strictly Sail Miami boat show! The National Marine Manufacture Association developed the Consumer Choice Award this year. However, the NMMA does not select the winners; boat show attendees do the voting.





    Leopard 58 - Open Bridge DeckLEOPARD 58 - NEW OPEN BRIDGE DECK

    After discovering the Award-Winning and stunning Leopard 48, join us in welcoming the brand NEW VERSION of the LEOPARD 58 with her amazing Open Bridge Deck!!

    Don't miss it, watch the NEW VIDEO, check out the latest images and give us your feedback!






    The Leopard 48 wins Cruising World Magazines sought after title of Boat of the Year 2013 in the Best Full-Size Multihull category! This award recognizes the top new sailboats making their debut in the North American market. This year, 24 sailboats in 7 different categories were nominated to receive this prestigious honor. This marks the 5th Boat of the Year award for Leopard Catamarans.


    Virtual Tour - Leopard 58The Leopard team is very happy to introduce the NEW Leopard 48 and Leopard 58 Virtual Tours!

    Have a look at our brand new and very exciting catamarans! The virtual tours will allow you to visit these catamarans as if you were on board.




    Leopard Catamarans' Leopard 48NEW Leopard 48

    CLEARWATER, FL – Following on the heels of the Leopard 58, Leopard announces another exciting addition to the award winning line of Leopard Catamarans, with the all new Leopard 48! The Leopard 48 (Moorings 4800), built by the award winning builders at Robertson and Caine, follows in the footsteps of the most popular Leopard model to-date, the Leopard 46. What sets the 48 apart is its spacious interior, the large forward cockpit with direct access to the saloon, and an increased amount of outdoor living space. This stunning catamaran recently made its debut at the United States Sailboat Show in Annapolis, Maryland, and was nominated for both SAIL Magazines Best Boats 2013 award, and Cruising World’s 2013 Boat of the Year award.


    Leopard 58 SailingLEOPARD 58

    CLEARWATER, FL –  The award winning line of Leopard Catamarans happily announces its newest addition, the luxurious and innovative Leopard 58. This exciting new member of the Leopard family, expertly crafted by world renowned Robertson and Caine, stays true to Leopard Catamarans sleek and innovative style. The designers at Robertson and Caine took 40 years of customer feedback into consideration when creating the new Leopard 58, as they have with the rest of the Leopard range. This makes each Leopard unique, and the Leopard 58 is no exception.

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  • VIDEO: Leopard 40 with Press Comments

    Leopard 40 Video

    Now that the press has had a chance to test the new Leopard 40, reviews are available in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and more. Take a look at some great aerial footage of the Leopard 40 underway, and see what the press have to say about her. 


    Leopard owners share their stories 

    Leopard 48 Happy Together

    Simonis Voogd and Robertson and Caine have hit a sweet spot with the Leopard 48. Multiple owners report that as soon as they saw the 48, their boat search came to a sudden halt. She's big enough for comfort, large accommodations and ample storage, yet easy to manage, even to singlehand. And the forward cockpit proves to be a very popular feature. 

  • New Leopard 43 Power CatamaranArnaud's full report from Cape Town to Brazil published

    Leopard's European Sales Manager Arnaud Savignat, a seasoned dinghy racer and coastal cruiser, crossed an ocean for the first time this winter aboard a Leopard 48. Arnaud shared some excerpts from his log, translated from French to English, when he returned. But there's more to the story!  






    Albert Levy's DALA in Horta, Azores

    Leopard 48 DALA after crossing the Atlantic

    Albert Levy, his first mate, Joelle, and expert crew Richard, arrived in Horta on Sunday after just 11.5 days crossing from Bermuda to the Azores. They finished the 1800 NM passage nearly 24 hours before the next boat.


    The Moseley family plans to live aboard and cruise on their catamaran for the next two years

    Family on their Leopard 48

    For Guyon and Ali Moseley, who bought a Leopard 48 and expect to spend two years living aboard and circumnavigating with their three middle school aged boys (pictured here with additional family crew for their Tortola to Bermuda passage), the planning for their extended cruising aboard WIDAGO began about 4 years ago. This week, their adventure more formally began as they left Tortola for Bermuda - Azores - England with the ARC Europe rally. 



    WIDAGO and DALA are headed across the Atlantic

    Leopard 48s in ARC Europe Rally

    Two Leopard 48s are set to depart Nanny Cay, Tortola mid-day tomorrow with the World Cruising Club's ARC Europe Rally. The next stop for Albert Levy's DALA and Guyon and Ali Moseley's WIDAGO will be Bermuda, 850 NM away. After that, they'll be underway until they reach the Azores. Ultimately, DALA will finish the rally in Portugal, WIDAGO in England.

  • Leopard 48 Cape Town to SantosLeopard Sales Manager Gets to Know the 48 Better on An Ocean Crossing

    Arnaud Savignat, Leopard European Sales Manager, took a month away from the office this winter to get to know his product even better. Arnaud, who is in his 6th year working for Leopard Catamarans in Nice, joined a delivery crew aboard a Leopard 48 (as a Moorings 4800) from Cape Town to Santos, Brazil this winter.





    Challenging Conditions on Delivery to Auckland

    Leopard 44 - Auckland to New Zealand

    Captain Kirsten has skillfully completed another transoceanic delivery for us, bringing a Leopard 44 through the upper roaring 40s (highest southern latitude almost 49°S, south of Tasmania), a snowstorm, and heavy winds and seas.

  • The launch of a new model is an exciting time for the designers, architects, builders, production supervisors, and everybody else involved in the creation of the yacht. The experts in Cape Town show their excitement in this interview series, and the staff at the factory shows their pride in the footage of the send-off. Watch the entire series to view the full story, including the sea trial in 35 knots of breeze. 


  • Take a Tour of this Model

    Leopard 44 video

    Arnaud Sauvignat of Leopard Catamarans Europe takes us on a guided tour of the Leopard 44 with Choose Your Boat.


    Robertson and Caine Video

    Robertson and Caine Corporate Video 2014

    This new Robertson and Caine corporate video provides an insightful look into the world-famous catamaran builder's history, facilities, production line, and team. 



  • Safari to Sail: Kenyan Leopard 44 Owners Enjoy Africa's Land and Sea

    My wife and I currently use our L44 for family and safari friends on short outings here in Kenya. Being from a safari background, we love to fish, snorkel and explore off the beaten track [Piers] areas as much as possible. With her shallow  draught (4’), Hide Away is ideal for this purpose and we have already taken her into some extraordinary places  … at times we have had the depth sounder reading ‘0.0’ with no ill effects !! - Piers B., Leopard 44 Owner, Kenya

  • Leopard Owner InterviewLeopard 44

    When she was launched in 2012, the Leopard 44 won Boat of the Year honors from both SAIL and Cruising World, an achievement rarely made by one model. Interestingly, as a true testament to the all-around success of the model, the various judges across both magazines all praised different specific features of the 44.



  • Leopard owners share their storiesLeopard 39 Cruising

    Now that the Leopard 39 has been on the market for some time, our owners have accumulated some longevity of experience aboard their boats. There's no better time to reach out to them for some reviews. Read the reports below, listed by boat name and cruising grounds.





    Leopard owners share their stories Leopard 39 in Miami

    Leopard 39 owners Tony and Maria take us through an interesting comparison between a Leopard 39 and a similar size model from another builder. This comes to us from a couple with more than 40 years of sailing experience! Thanks, Tony and Maria. We wish you the best as you continue logging miles on your Leopard 39.


    Leopard 48 Mediterranean route​Maiden Voyage for New Leopard 48 Owner 

    One way to get to know your new boat: sail it home. Professional captains often handle the trans-ocean delivery of a new vessel from the factory in Cape Town. But taking the opportunity to sail coastal waters for the final leg of the trip can be a wonderful first experience for a new boat owner. 

    One of our Leopard 48 owners did just that and enjoyed a great Mediterranean cruise from France to Israel last summer. 


    ​VIDEO: Leopard 51 PC

    The new Leopard 51 Powercat has captured the attention of the press worldwide. 

    Have you seen the video yet?






    Cape Town to Brisbane7,100 challenging nautical miles

    A good skipper and a good boat are unphased by challenging conditions!

    Skipper Kenneth H. has 36 Atlantic crossings under his belt. He was more than prepared to take on the Southern Ocean, completing a Leopard 39 delivery from Cape Town to Brisbane in dramatic conditions without any drama.

    The Leopard Australia team was on the dock to welcome Kenneth and crew...and to get some details about the delivery. Read the interview below!



    Life on an ocean crossing

    Earlier this month, skipper Kirsten N. tied up to a dock in Australia after 56 days at sea. She had just completed her task of safely delivering a Leopard 44 from Robertson & Caine's factory in South Africa to the boat's buyer in Sydney. Consider this: 56 days means Kirsten and her crew spent about 15% of 2013 on this one job! 

    Kirsten gives us a good look into life at sea in this Q&A session about the delivery.



    Leopard owners: Please share your photos, videos, or tales of your travels with us. 

    Leopard Catamarans Photos


    We're working on our “Leopard family photo album”! Share your memories with us. Send in your favorite photos from your travels on your Leopard catamaran. We want to see how you enjoy your catamaran, so don’t be shy!

    We'll accept:


    Three Leopard Catamarans sail togetherConnect with the Leopard team

    If you are not part of the online Leopard family yet, join us on Facebook... You'll enjoy extra photos, videos, and news beyond what we publish on this website. Plus, our Facebook page is a great place for Leopard owners to share their photos and videos, and tell their stories.